Thanks for the message, I’m going to be harsh on you though. You need to get off my blog, get off Tumblr and get that paper written, right now. You’re not allowed to touch or play with yourself until it’s completely finished.

While edging can be a great escape it sounds like it’s not a solution but becoming a cause of your college problems. And that my dear, is the definition of an addiction. When any behaviour is causing you to lose perspective and damaging work or school or relationships, it’s gone from good to bad, and you need to step back and just get some perspective about what’s important.

Just like this week, I’ve been quiet because work and family have taken priority, and that’s how it should be (although I love being missed so thank you!).

So be a good girl, get your hands out of your panties, finish the paper and then you are to cum. And take a day off and just think about how to get the balance of work and play right (pro tip, use the play as the reward for getting your work done). Also look up some online resources on procrastination, there’s often a few basic causes of it and if you understand what they are it can be surprisingly easy to fix.

I hope that helps! Now go do it!

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