Three tampons inserted next to each other (i.e. NOT one after the other, but at the same time to really stretch you) has a similar effect… you know, just sayin’.

While the subject of periods has been brought up (and I love that you did!), can I please just add that while they are a hassle and messy and for many women, painful – you should NEVER be ashamed of them. I know my grandmother used to call it ‘the curse’ and if you’ve been brought up thinking like that, please try to get positive about it.

Try to see your period as something to be proud of. To me it says all kind of great things about you being a woman, fertile, incredible. Yes it’s blood and messy but sometimes that’s kind of hot. I love to have sex in the shower during a woman’s period and watch her blood and my cum mingling, running down her thighs, staining the water pink – so fucking sexy.

I also totally use it as an excuse for anal sex though, just because, ‘Oh honey, you’ve got your period? I’ll just have to fuck your arse instead’ when she’s denied is too much fun to not make use of.

It’s also very common for you to get more, or less, horny at different stages of your period. Just learn what works for you! For some of my friend edging during period cramps really helps ease it! But for others it makes it worse.

Finally, can I also say if you haven’t used tampons and just use pads because you’re worried about inserting anything in your pussy, I really, really, really encourage you to try them. They absolutely aren’t for everyone, but from a convenience and freedom perspective they have huge advantages and it’s surprising the number of women I talk to who have just never tried them and then discover they really like them.

They umm, can also be used as butt plugs but that’s a topic for another post… (so no trying it until I’ve covered the various safety aspects!).

EDIT: Also a friend reminded me to extol the virtues of mooncups/menstrual cups, which are cheapest, most environmentally friendly, and if used properly, least messy ways to handle your periods. Check them out!

Got questions about periods or other ‘taboo’ stuff like this? I don’t have a vagina but I play one on TV but I know plenty of people who do, and we’ll do our best to give you good advice and try to make it sexy too.


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