Amen! I couldn’t agree more!

I hope I don’t extol the virtues of long term denial too much (except that it makes for a hot fantasy in captions). Even denial during one sex session and cumming at the end is great, but going a whole day, or a day and a night is even more exciting in my experience, partly the whole challenge of it and mental aspects that come in.

The one key ‘distance’ I recommend trying is the three or four day mark as many (not all) report a ‘denial high’ that kicks in, where despite the frustration, and yes there’s always frustration, there’s a feel of wellbeing and happiness that takes the horniness and turns it into something, more.

A long term denial is a unique experience though, taking yourself through the highs and lows, the joys and desperation, and coming out the other side, more aware of who you are and proud of where you’ve been. But like a long sea voyage, it’s not something I’d care to do alone. You want someone to share it with, and from a submissive perspective, someone who’s strength you can call upon when you feel you can’t do it. It can be hard though, really mentally taxing. But that’s part of it, giving up, losing that control, genuinely not wanting it anymore, desperate to have what you’ve been denied, but submitting to them instead. But really, if you’ve gone through something like that, it’s not something you’d want to be catty about, it’s something that changes you.

Maybe we’ll do a long term shared denial sometime, for those who want to try it. No judgement, no competition (well maybe just a little), but simply those who want to challenge themselves sharing with others in a similar situation. 

Could be interesting…

Thanks for the great comment, anon.

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