It’s not normal (that’s okay!), but it is the case for a number of women I know, so it’s not unique or even rare. One of my oldest friends who I helped discover the ‘joys of anal’ loved it so much she went pretty much anal only with her boyfriend. She went from thinking it was wrong and didn’t want to try it at all, btw. So really, even if you’re reading this thinking that about anal, if you haven’t tried it (or done it with someone who knows how to make it good), don’t write it off, you might be an anal slut and not even know it.

It’s also, very hot. Especially when combined with the fact you love denial (I’m assuming from the fact you’re writing to me).

Just imagine that moment, on a sofa, as things are getting serious, and you whisper to him, ‘Before we go any further, I have a couple of kinky secrets you should know about…’.

Just watch his eyes light up as you keep on kissing and touching. Make him ask you what they are, tease him with it.

‘Well the first, do you know what orgasm denial is?  Don’t get me wrong, I love cumming but, I love it even more if you don’t let me, if you just keep me desperate and horny as you take your pleasure in me. It drives me crazy, I adore it, it makes me want to do ANYTHING – just, don’t let me cum. Think you can handle that?’

‘Oh and the second?’, lean in and whisper as you squeeze his cock, ‘I much prefer it if you fuck me in the ass, I’m a complete anal slut.’

He’ll be in love before you even get his cock in your mouth.

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