I love that you guys ask stuff like this, it’s brilliant. A good proportion of all adult women are having their period at any one time, the fact that most porn and fantasy ignores this is a bit silly really.

So firstly most students at the Denial Academy are on birth control, which tends to help make their periods shorter and more regular. They’re on birth control because, of course, for most students they will be regularly used by teachers as part of lessons and training, and also when they take their turns at the local Bang Barn.

The exception to birth control are the ‘Designated Virgins’ or ‘White Collars’ as they are mostly known due to the way they are marked out:

However given that school fees for Designated Virgins double (and don’t even include anal virginity which quadruples the fees) it’s pretty rare, and of course no bursary students can participate.

Anyway, back to periods.

A big part of the training at the academy is to help the students learn to love and appreciate their bodies. So periods are openly discussed and treated as perfectly normal, and all the nonsense about it being some kind of curse is quickly dealt with. Instead it’s held up as a sign of femininity.

Edging can affect periods in very different ways. For some it makes them easier, lessens cramps and other effects. However for others it does exactly the opposite! So students are monitored for their first few times and their edging regime adjusted appropriately. For those whom it makes it worse they are often put onto anal only during their period, not allowed to touch their clit or pussy the entire time they are bleeding. This drives them crazy, which is exactly the point, but the other girls make it much worse, teasing them, edging next to them telling them how good it feels while they can only play with their ass and breasts for days.

Similarly in class, a period is no hindrance. Should a student be called upon for a practical either her ass will be used instead or in many cases her pussy will be used anyway to show there’s nothing wrong with a little blood as long as it’s cleaned up.

Of course for many the days of a period are a time of increased sensitivity and often arousal so it’s a shame to waste those just from some misinformed sense of decency. Many girls are found to edge even more during their periods once they have learnt it’s something not to be ashamed, but proud of!

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