Hi Anon,

Not having toys isn’t a big problem, you mustn’t let it stop you enjoying playing with denial. In fact there is nothing better for a perfect tease than just using your delicate finger tips to take yourself right to the edge and keep yourself there.

Vibrators can certainly make the process quicker, which if you’re trying to achieve lots of edges is helpful, but I actually find you can get too reliant on them and tend to insist that the first and last edges of the day are just made using fingers anyway. I’ll give you some ideas for DIY sex toys below though!

Just make sure to really tease yourself, vary your fingers between nipples, clit and vagina, spend a lot of the time just teasing your clit, both the tip and sliding your fingers up and down the shaft of it like a mouth sucking on you, and combiine and alternate that with fingering and fucking your pussy.

Rubbing yourself against the edge of your mattress, a folded pillow or other furniture, with panties on, or off, can be super hot too, really feeling like a horny bitch in heat. Some girls only masturbate this way!

Don’t forget DIY toys though, some people prefer them to proper toys (the kink probably even has a name…). 

  • Shower head turned onto jets or vibrate (lots do this by twisting the head), directed onto your clit from afar or close up. Try it on your bottom too!
  • Hairbrushes – handles are the classic dildo replacement but the bristle side slowly drawn over your skin, nipples and mound can be amazing.
  • Ice – dripped or rubbed on your nipples, and then down to your pussy, on your clit, even inside you (always give ice some time to warm up a bit and be melting before you use it on your skin)
  • Fruit and veg… not just good for your health… carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, pick your own size! But best used with a condom over them (you can always reuse that) and wash them well anyway to get all pesticides off them
  • Kitchen utensils – a spatula makes for a nice little spanking tool!
  • Electric toothbrush – this is basically a vibrator, use the BACK of the head normally, or some designs work well without the head on. The brush side is more intense so be careful with that. We don’t want you cumming now, do we…

Here’s a whole article with ideas on the above and more plus safety tips etc – http://www.scarleteen.com/article/sexuality/diy_sex_toys_selflove_edition

In terms of not having someone denying you, games of chance are wonderful, I’ll try and add some more in addition to the Deck of Cards one I wrote that you may have seen. I’m also going to try and add some tasks for those without someone denying them, to participate in and enjoy. If you want to be a guinea pig for some of those and try them out, then drop me a private message or email me.

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