I know I’ll be saying this many times in my responses, but you are not weird. Everybody is unique, and everyone’s BODY is unique. 

However, I’d correct you to say that you’ve only found one way you can cum, so far! I want you to try to be a bit more adventurous, by using what you know works, to get you close, but then, trying other things. As you get into that ‘orgasmic plateau’ as it’s called, often other options open up to take you over the top.

Try mixing rubbing your clit with fingering yourself, and explore using a dildo of some kind to stimulate yourself inside. There’s rubbing your clit through your clit hood vs exposing it and rubbing it with wet fingers. Also as in recent posts, try using water on it such as a jet from a shower. Don’t neglect grinding on the edge of the mattress or pillow, or even anal play. You didn’t say exactly what you do already so do feel free to message me directly if you want to talk that through further.

Added to that is getting a quality vibe. I’ve started a recommendations page:


Then there’s simply the case of educating your lovers. You can help by doing a bit of ‘preloading’ by playing with yourself before you’re with them, get yourself all worked up. But a good lover will take the time to learn what works for you, as you will for them. Don’t feel embarrassed, just be open with them, ‘I only seem to cum by doing this certain thing, wanna learn?’ If they don’t, they really aren’t worth your time in the first place.

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