It’s a good question, Lilly.

Orgasm denial without edging is often known as ‘chastity’. And I find this is one area where it differs considerably between men and women (although there’s still huge variation between individuals).

Guys get horny, on the whole, from just living. Testosterone and the fact you women are just so damn gorgeous and well just life gives us a hard on. 

So for guys you can literally lock his cock up in a cage and not let him touch it and he’ll get horny as fuck (you probably won’t even be able to get the fucking thing on him because he ALREADY has a boner).

So for a guy, not edging can still be very sexy and increase libido and get him feeling a denial high.

Women are far more complicated. 

Some of you will just get horny the same way as guys do, but in my experience that’s unusual. For female orgasm denial the addition of regular edging transforms it from something that’s kind of dull, just not cumming, into something that’s really quite spectacular.

When I’m introducing a woman to edging and denial for the first time, and she gets a day or two into it, I will often comment, ‘Congratulations, now you know how us guys feel, all the fucking time.’ and there’s a lot of truth in that.

It doesn’t mean edging isn’t great for guys, but for us it’s more of an acceleration of what’s already happening anyway. For many women the edging is much more, it’s the key to unlocking the sensual, sexy, horny side of you that you rarely, if ever have fully explored.

Denial without edging isn’t always dull though. Done as part of submission to someone it can be very powerful, and as we’ll discover, having ‘no touch’ imposed ONCE you’ve got horny as fuck is a totally different experience.

So there you go, that’s the benefit as I see it!

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