I always stop myself from coming because I’m scared.

I think that’s very wise. Better to be safe than sorry. People go on about orgasms being the best feeling in the world, and being so incredible. But if that were true why would so many people love denial? My theory is cumming is just the second best feeling in the world. Not cumming must be first.

Seriously though, orgasms are nothing to be scared of. They are completely natural, having one doesn’t lose your virginity or affect you in any way physically like that. There’s nothing to be scared of.

No one will know you’ve had an orgasm (well unless you are really noisy, or do it somewhere public, but I’d avoid that, for your first one…)..

But having said all that, not having ever orgasmed is a beautiful thing, just edging yourself to that point then stopping every time. You’re ‘Brand New in Box’ right now and that’s something you can only ever be once. If you cum even a single time, you’ll have lost that forever.

So don’t not cum because you’re scared – don’t cum because it’s how you want to be (and the fact you’re reading this blog suggests strongly that’s the case).

Good girl.

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