Howdy James, a while ago you suggested that I start trying menthol rub on my clit, and while it’s been fun I’ve seen to have gotten immune to the burn. I was wondering if you knew of anything stronger I can use or if the menthol is my last hope -Courtney

Hey Courtney (I love having a name to call you, just FYI, even if it’s not your real one).

So yes, you could ramp things up, there’s capsaicin rub which is the burning stuff from chillies, and it’s like satan’s cum on a bad day. But really, I’d recommend against it.

 When you’re getting immune to something, when it’s no longer doing it for you, whether it’s menthol rub, fresh coffee, getting choked, or hardcore gangbang porn, you could always push for more. But that’s often not going to get you to a good place.

So the easy alternative is take a break.

Give yourself a month off from the menthol.

Try it again, and look, it works again, hurrah. And you don’t end up calling a doctor because you’ve drunk so much coffee you get breathing problems. True story.

Pro tip. You’re welcome.

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