A reader recently wrote in to say that they liked the self-administered whacking rod described in the story Carrot and Stick, but was having trouble picturing how it worked in practice, and asked for a diagram.

To recap, a whacking rod is thin springy rod that you can use to give yourself a good spanking. As their cross-section is much smaller, they’re much quieter and discreet than slippers and hairbrushes – an important consideration if you’ve family or housemates nearby.

You need a rod springy enough to place
against your bottom, which then can be pulled back and released to
deliver a hard enough whack. Fibre-glass is springier than rattan, so
better for self-spanking. Online sex toy companies sell good fibre-glass
canes and riding crops. But for a cheaper option, you can also buy
smooth round-section fibre-glass and carbon-fibre rods from well-stocked
craft and model shops. Try googling, you’ll see what’s sold. Various
diameters are available, the wider the rod, the stingier the whack will be. Why
not try before you buy, just pull the rod back a little and let it smack into
your palm.

Once you have your rod, find somewhere to position
it. You want to wedge one end of the rod into a little gap at just below
waist height, and perpendicular to the gap, so you can bend over in front of it. This is the arrangement described towards the end of Carrot and Stick.

And yes, thanks to your fellow readers’ generosity, I do have some pictures to illustrate good positioning. The first pair come from the marvellously ingenious @never-been-spanked, who demonstrates how to place a thin riding crop (available from most good adult stores) in the gap of a closet/cupboard door:


key is finding the right position for the rod, it should be wedged
tight and shouldn’t rattle. The best way to do this is to wrap the cane
with something like a flannel or a t-shirt, which will wedge it firmly in place. If
you’ve done it right, it should be virtually silent, with just a lovely
faint swicking sound when you pull it back and release it.

Once the rod is firmly held, then you can pull the rod back like this:


See how much it bends back?

Now all you need to do is bend over in front of the rod (imagine
yourself on the left hand side of the image above). Then reach behind,
pull the rod backwards, and let go… 

The gap between an interior door and the jamb (its frame) is also a good location.
If the rod is too thick to allow the door to close, you can always prop
the door with a heavy item like a chair so the door doesn’t move. As seen in the following picture, generously donated by @littlemisssubshine:


Here the leather frond of the crop
is poked through the crack of the open door, with the fatter handle placed in the crack between door and frame. The door can then be closed so the crop is jammed in position. As the door isn’t fully closed, she used some weights to hold the door
in place, so it would hold steady and keep the grip the crop. If you do adopt this method, be aware that door frames tend to be made of softer wood, so wedging something in the gap might leave a dent. To avoid this, best wrap the handle with a towel of something similar.

For best results, you should spend some time getting into the mood for your spanking, and imagine the circumstances of your punishment. Several
of my friends have related how they like to dress up in school uniform
and watch videos of classroom canings, before its time to take their own turn.
Bending over in front of their own cane, lifting their skirts and
pulling down their panties, feeling the cane resting against their bare
bottoms. Then pulling it back, letting go, and a moment later – feeling
the whack, and a stinging stripe across their cheeks.

I know many readers crave the satisfaction of a warm, stinging, well-smacked
bottom, but lack someone to give it to them. If you want to experiment with spanking, a whacking rod that you can conceal, and
quickly set up in the privacy of your own bedroom, might be just the
implement you need…

What are you waiting for?

Bend over.

Fair warning: this whacks if you can build up enough confidence to really pull it back. So wonderful.

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