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I love to masturbate, more precisely I love to edge. Time after time, I sat in front of my laptop, porn on screen, and played myself to the verge of orgasm, stopped and held it there, then started all over again. Whenever I got a chance, I always turned it into hours and hours of fun until the pressure builds up to a level that when I finally orgasm, my brain would pass out for a few seconds and my whole body just collapse after. There is nothing in this world could compare to this frantic, hysterical, excruciating yet wonderful sensation, at least not in my book.

Problem was, I was sharing a flat with two girl friends in my close social circle, and one of them was my best childhood friend who I grew up and went to college with. She’s almost like a family, a same age sister to me, and she does not leave much room for my privacy. When they were not home, it was my best fucking time because I had a problem of keeping myself quiet when I was at it. But sometimes I just didn’t have any chance to be home alone at all.

On a weekend evening, I found myself hanged-up on the internet again. I turned off the light, waited past midnight after both of my roommates went to sleep in their rooms. Then I got up and sat on the chair in front of my desk and started my favourite session of the night. I had always been very careful when doing this sort of thing if my roommates are at home. They liked to snoop around my room and check on me without notice. Even so I still had to left my door unlocked because if I didn’t, they would tease me for hiding behind my door to do silly things, which is exactly what I was most afraid of.

But that night it would not matter, I thought.  They were in sleep.

Still, I kept my clothes on, worn a headphone and reminded myself to clean browsing history after watching porn. Just be on the safe side…

Meanwhile, my fingers already sank into my densely grown forest, which I liked and purposely kept it untrimmed, and started to rub on my every nerve of sensation. I teased, I rubbed, I thrusted, I stopped and I edged, then thrusted again and edged some more. I kept on going and played for hours and completely lost track of time.

But it felt so good I couldn’t care less about anything else.

I waited for a whole damn week until my day off so I could fuck myself all night long. I was determined to make good time last longer. I really wanted to cum, but I knew if I did it would be the end of it. I wasn’t going to let myself finish off easily and I fended off the urge to cum time after time. However, as the masturbation turned into a night long edging marathon, eventually my fingers were starting to give in. I couldn’t keep a vibrator in the room for obvious reason.  So my fingers were very sore after hours of masturbating. As my urge built up, every edge had become much hard to hold than the previous one and the gap between them was shorter. It was nearly 4am. I thought I had edged more than 10 times and felt I couldn’t keep it going for much longer.

So I went over, finally. It was coming out and the feeling was so strong and fantastic. I had not had a orgasm like that for a long time.

Then, out of nowhere. BANG!!!  My room door suddenly shunted open.

“Woo~hoo!!! Wtf was that???” I uttered the words in distress.

“Why are you still up, Sara?” My “almost sister” showed up at the door in pjs and sleepy eyes.

“I was watchin… watching a movie. You scared me!“  I hastened up my voice and slammed the laptop screen closed.  

"Go to bed. It’s late.”

“Just, leave, me alone…”  

My voice was weak and I felt I could hardly talk.  My whole body was shaking, trembling in shock. I had been holding it up for over three hours and she just had to come in at that moment and conveniently ruined it for me. I was caught so off-guard and completely destroyed. It was torture. It was terrible. The anguish made me wanted to kill that bitch. I sat there still for a long time before I could move again. I crawled back on my bed, took off the very uncomfortable pantie, which I only realized was in a soaking mess, hid it under my bed and put on a new one, then tried to get some sleep.

WTF @#$#%&*^**~~!!!

Beautifully written, thank you anon – oh the unintended ruined orgasm, poor you. That peak of pleasure, torn away, so you drop into a dark pit of aching, messy need… They’re so mean, and so weirdly addictive… I bet you play now, hoping you’ll be walked in on again. But don’t wait for that, just ruin it anyway, you’ll be hornier than ever, just give it 20 minutes.

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