When you really start to think of a ruined orgasm as a reward, and a real orgasm as a strange, unnecessary thing that almost never crosses your mind, you’re a good girl. 

And you want to be a good girl, don’t you?

This was suggested to me last night – a sort of permanent denial, punctuated with occasional ruined orgasms – and it scared me a little bit.

The more I think about it though, the more appealing and appropriate it seems. I mean, I’m here for your pleasure, not mine. What better way to teach me that than to never grant me pleasure?

Getting into the mindset described in the above text is a massive goal now. If you have tips on how to get there would be really appreciated!

I found that accepting an edge only life was the most natural thing in the world when I realized the physical effect of an orgasm on my body and my emotions. More specifically, what happens to me afterward. Immediately after an orgasm my energy level plummets. I become tired to the point of wanting a nap. I also immediately lose nearly all interest in sex of any kind. Basically I feel awful and am now completely worthless to Daddy as a good, useful fucktoy.
On the other hand, edging only gives me energy. It pumps up my endorphins in anticipation. It “fuels my tank” and “revs my engine” so to speak. I feel energized and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Mentally it keeps me completely focused on Daddy because I am willing to do anything for him. I am desperate and horny and begging for him, for the relief and fulfillment only he can grant. My entire being is focused on him. I am now useful and a good obedient fucktoy.
I am happiest this way and Daddy and I both know it.
He allows me one orgasm a week, but only on Saturday nights and I must go to sleep immediately afterward. Often I forget or even ask Daddy to be allowed not to cum. I’ll ask this usually if I’m already feeling drained from a difficult day or something. At this point an orgasm is almost a punishment. And denial is my reward. Almost always when I’m begging Daddy to be allowed to cum (which happens when I’m edging really really hard and for a long time) it’s so I can feel that shiver of pleasure run down my spine when he says “no.” Just thinking about it right now makes my cunt drip.
Hope this helps. ? @becoming-a-toy

Yes! This is exactly how I feel too. Orgasms make me lethargic, edging keeps me going. I focus on others, I want to please, I’m a good cunt. I’m honestly happiest in the 2nd to 4th week of denial. (Haven’t experienced longer so who knows.)

I don’t like being told to cum. I want to beg and beg and beg – because I really want it – and I always want to hear no. It’s what makes me happy and keeps me clear about my place in society.

Some wonderful and exciting thoughts on ruined orgasms. I’m starting to use them this way more and more to this end. 

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