Well the first time I had an orgasm I remember quite clearly, it was when I was 14 and it was in my parents bed.

Growing up I always found that I was interested in bondage and helplessness. If in a film a woman was tied up or something along those lines I was always fascinated with it, it made me feel a bit tingly.

Also when growing up me, my brother and sister would get into play fights that often ended in giving each other wedgies. I found that as I grew up the wedgies made me feel good.

I started experimenting, I’d go to my parents bed when they were out and wrap myself up in their duvet as tight as possible to make myself feel helpless and trapped.

I started to give myself wedgies and eventually started using my dressing gown belt as a crotch rope with a knot over my clit.

One day I decided to do both, I put on my makeshift crotch rope and wrapped up tight in my parents bed. I started imagining that I was kidnapped, being tormented and teased. I was squirming a lot and remember starting to feel really good, it was like I couldn’t stop and it kept building but I didn’t know what it was. And then it was like a dam burst and I saw stars, I stopped breathing for a few seconds and it was the most intense pleasurable feeling I’d ever felt but I didn’t know what it was.
It wasn’t until a few days later that I realised I’d had an orgasm.

So yeah that’s how I had my first orgasm. I guess I’m kind of fucked up, what type of girl has their first orgasm in their parents bed while pretending they’d been kidnapped and teased?

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I deliberately edged when I was 16. In those 2 years I’d started to explore my body more, discovering what I liked and felt good. I’d start to take myself to the edge then stop over and over.

The first time I ruined I was using my hairbrush handle fucking myself when I slipped and it fell out. It was the most delicious torture, just clenching down on nothing, but still feeling so so horny.

From then on I haven’t looked back ?

What a great account of discovering orgasms and ruins. 

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