Good question!

It doesn’t have to be very long. A few minutes is perfectly acceptable. 

There’s two ways to measure it, one is time, but the other is getting yourself to the edge and then just stopping. This works particularly well for the ones during the day.

This is a rough guide to one way you could think about them.

Morning edge – 5-10 minutes done in bed before you get up or in the shower. Make it a nice hard edge if you can – ride the edge a little bit but not too long, you do have to get up and get on with your day! Keep it simple, fingers only is often a good option.

Daytime edges – just quickies grabbed during a break – these can be very quick if you want, and shoudn’t be very long. Treat them like little top ups, your espresso edges just to keep you feeling full of energy, horny and wet. If you only do a few minutes and don’t actually get to the edge of orgasm that’s totally okay – the point is you’re doing it, remindng yourself of your denial and keeping your pussy wet and throbbing.

They are also a good opportunity to try something a little daring, doing it somewhere public, if you’re using a toilet cubicle and it’s warm enough try stripping off a few layers just to add to the naughtiness.

Evening edges – depends what you’re doing but these can be a good one to do while browsing Tumblr, taking your time, watching porn or shared with a partner. Take longer about it, enjoy the build up and try to practise riding the edge for extended periods or if you can’t, bouncing up to the edge and back over and over again.

If like to involve other kinks like masochism or bondage this is your time to explore those. Get some new ideas online, find some other kinksters to chat to, whatever. If you have toys this is when they get their big work out. Make it physical, get active. If your edging can leave you breathless all the better. A suction cup dildo is the perfect denial slut work out.

Bedtime edge – the final one of the day, a more relaxed, luxurious edge. I’m a firm believer in you either sleeping naked or in something that makes you feel sexy assuming it’s warm enough. At the very least try doing your edge naked, there’s just something primal and erotic about it.

Depending how tired you are this can be long or short, but try really hard not to go over on this one – to practise being right at the edge and then just pulling your hands away and leaving yourself squirming. Yes it’l take a few minutes to calm down and then be able to sleep but be really strict with yourself. Once you stop, no going back. Just play with your breasts or grind your pussy down into the bed. Going to sleep in this state, let’s just say, enjoy your dreams and be prepared to need to change your sheets more often.

Free days – Now the above is for a regular day where you have work or school or whatever it is you do. If you have a free day then of course you can spend longer enjoying edging, perhaps finish the day with a ruined orgasm or two. Mix it up, use it as a chance to try new things and see what else you enjoy!

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