Well, ‘the juno’ isn’t going to be the same as the Advent Denial Challenge – it’s not some big daily post of tasks you have to do that you’re waiting on.

You’ve got the rules for each day, at least three edges, every day, no cumming. 

What I’ll be posting here most days will be other things to help – educational posts about the basics and the some more advanced ideas, suggestions on things to try like ruined orgasms, dares, fun extra ‘twists’ to your daily edging, etc.

A big part of it though, is all the Denial Journals already popping up on Tumblr, which I’ll try to reblog my favourites but there’s going to be lots more as I don’t want my feed to just be completely filled with reblogs. Plenty of inspiration to take from those too! So make sure to check them out on the #junojournal tag and encourage everyone taking part!


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