Some seem to find it much easier than others. For many though, with some practise, you’ll find there is a zone of super heightened arousal where you know just a bit more pressure or speed would take you over, however you’re just able to handle what you’re doing and stay on the edge.

Others find they can get to that point, but then have to drop back, so for them ‘riding the edge’ is more about bouncing up and down to it. And that’s fine, but if you can reach and stay on that pinnacle it’s something pretty special.

So again, practise is one of the two keys. Have some time where you’re not to bothered if you go over, as in, it’s fine, you’re focused on learning to ride the edge rather than fixedly wanting to not cum. if you go over, that’s life. You can’t expect to learn how to keep on the edge of something without sometimes falling over. If you can, make it a ruin, it’ll keep you horny and help you get back to the edging faster. What you’re not allowed to do is feel guilty. This is about learning, and having fun.

The other key is BREATHING. Stop holding your breath! You need to be using slow steady breathing to ‘exhale the pleasure’. Trust me, it just works. You will almost always have cum with a big breath taken in or holding your breath. Work on edging while keeping your breath more calm and measured and you’ll be amazed how it can stop you from tipping over.

Finally, with both of the above, I seem to see a ‘mental fortitude’ develop over time where you just become more confident in your body and the strength with which you want to not cum. Don’t underestimate the power of that. It’ll build up by doing the two things above but also, just going for it sometimes with a powerful vibrator and realising just how much mental control you have of the process too. Best done with a friend, who will hold the vibe on you even if you go over to post orgasm torture you as a punishment if you fail.

Yep, fucked up, but hot as hell too. And fun, lots and lots of fun.

I hope some of those help. I encourage followers to add their thoughts and experiences of riding the edge in the notes.


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