It’s not stupid at all, lots of the old descriptions have been deleted in the tumblr purge, but any questions are always welcome.

Ruining an orgasm at it’s simplest is stopping stimulation just as you go over the point of no return into cumming. It’s pretty intense, as your body is so used to having a huge amount of pleasure at this point, but instead it just gets nothing, it’s a real mindfuck. 

So why on earth would anyone want to do that you might ask.

Well, for those exploring denial part of the joy of it is the constant buzz and well being you feel from being aroused – you feel very ‘alive’, what I call the Denial High.

When you cum you lose this in many cases, but if you ruin an orgasm you don’t get the same cocktail of hormones released and you’ll tend to find yourself really horny again, sometimes even more so, in half an hour or so.

The other is it’s definitely masochistic, taking away the pleasure you expect to experience. So that might work for you, or be inflicted upon you.

For lots of ruined orgasm guides, captions and images check out my bdsmlr:

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