Really, it is the key. Learning to become more and more aware of your body and how far you can push it. Unless you’re on strict denial, give yourself some time when you are allowed to cum so that you can try edging without feeling you’ve ‘failed’ if you go over. 

Actually, the most intense edges can only ever be achieved when you’re allowed to cum, or ruin (another reason I love ruined orgasms) your orgasms – because only then can you truly push the limits of what your body and mind can stand without holding that little bit back to keep you from going over. Perfection of course being taking yourself as close as you possibly can, and despite being allowed to cum, stopping instead. Magical.

A common theme this week, but absolutely key to it is your breathing. As you get close, just keep it steady and smooth, even use it to think about to help you not to cum.

Secondly, focus, as you do more than quickly get the to the edge, but learn to hold it, you will find you need to put all your energy into keeping yourself there. Shutting your eyes, forcing yourself to relax and not tense up, and constantly adjusting what you are doing, with fingers or vibe, to stop yourself going over.

If you’ve never tried to hold an edge you probably won’t be able to more for than  a few seconds, but that’s fine, don’t go over, drop back, catch your breath, you don’t have to stop, just slow down and/or ease off the pressure or move the vibe to a different spot if you are using one. And then speed up, or press the vibe harder, and get yourself back to the edge, and try again, try for a little longer. You’ll soon see five seconds turn into 20, and 20 into 40 and some girls can keep themselves on edge for minutes, even longer, five, ten, 15 minutes even at a push. And if you cum? Start again and get in more practise!

But discover what works for you, and report back, everyone would love to hear.

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