For many they are a heady and exciting mix. That includes me. And this is very counter to my standard behaviour, the whole ‘gentleman dom’ thing is very much my modus operandi, but more and more I find myself enjoying it if I know she does too.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun when we’re both ‘in the zone’. Humiliation is one of the most complex and fascinating kinks, I don’t really pretend to understand it, but somehow me switching to a teasing, condescending, even patronising tone when you’re just so desperate and horny, reminding you it’s your own fault you’re like this and that I know you love it, despite your protests, just makes the whole thing even hotter. 

Maybe it’s the fact it’s smashing one of the new taboos we’ve created. Actually daring to say that feminism doesn’t have to mean you hold onto all your hard won rights , but actually it’s the freedom to say, ‘fuck that, it’s the freedom to do what I WANT with them and that includes being free to enjoy being turned into a horny, desperate little slut who can’t cum without a guy’s permission!’

Even the phrase ‘Good girl’ is so damn patronising but tell me it doesn’t make your horny little cunt clench when you hear it and know I mean it.

So yes, very hot, but still very optional, denial can happily happen without it, but for some reason it seems to be a natural accompaniment, and if both of us love it, fuck what anyone else things.

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