That is an excellent question.

Here’re some of the factors that make me more likely to answer:

  1. How busy am I – sadly, I can’t spend all day answering questions or tending to this blog so some days work or family life means I don’t get to them, and while I often try to go back, some just slip through the net
  2. Do I think the question is something the blog followers will also benefit from hearing the answer to
  3. Does it sound like there’s a serious problem I need to address
  4. Is the situation unusual or amusing
  5. Am I in the mood to take the piss out of a stupid question or idiotic request (often, the answer is yes)

Here are some factors that make me less likely to answer:

  1. It’s an anonymous message asking me something that is totally inappropriate to ask anonymously (’Will you take control of my orgasms, and spend hours domming me, oh but I’m going to stay anonymous and you can only answer via the blog…’)
  2. Am I stepping on someone’s toes (e.g.’My dom has no imagination, can you come up with 261 tasks for me to complete this week’)
  3. Do you act like an entitled little bitch (I’m not after grovelling, just basic human courtesy and respecting my time)
  4. Painfully poor use of my beloved English language (if it’s not your native tongue that’s no problem, but text speak is of the devil)
  5. It’s just not very interesting… for example as much as I love requests to cum, if I replied to them all this blog would be full of them and no one would want to page through them all to get to the other stuff. Plus, by not replying I’m leaving you denied so kinda win-win 🙂

I do try to get to as many messages as I can so if I haven’t got to yours, please don’t take it personally. And if it’s something urgent you genuinely need help with you can always message me, everything is always treated with the utmost confidence.

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