In my opinion a week of no touching is a little long, I would usually only make it a day or stretch it out to three days as a maximum. However no touching in the context of denial can vary in impact enormously from woman to woman, and from time to time with the same woman. 

There are those for whom it can be incredibly sexy, and the restriction makes the denial even more intense and powerful, however, as logic would suggest, there are those who, when they stop edging, experience a falling off in their sex drive, sometimes through the floor.

Personally I tend to combine no touching with some kinds of added stimulation, the classic being that you have to wear a crotch rope, just imagine that, tied tight under your clothes, the string or cord (rope is actually too thick) rubbing against your clit as you move and walk. So good.

Even more than that when I’m feeling generous, or evil… I’ll allow grinding on things, so no touching with hands or toys, but you’ll be allowed to grind your mound against the arm of a sofa or the edge of the mattress. Pretty degrading, making you feel like a little bitch in heat. So yes, hot as fuck.

Something else I often incorporate is no touching below the waist, but, breasts are to be played with and teased instead. I’m sure you can imagine how that only makes the constant ache between your legs even worse.

Other variations can be super strict, in that literally nothing can touch your pussy. No panties, no pants, only skirts or dresses, not being allowed to wipe after you pee, or just being allowed one single wipe with one sheet of paper folded so no pressure is transferred.

As always, it’s about discovering what works, for you. Whether edging or on no touch, everyone has different things that will drive them, perfectly, crazy.

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