Thank you, that’s very sweet of you! Well if you read back on Snowflake’s Journal you’ll see the first email she sent me. And yes, Diva just messaged me on here. 

I don’t go out to ‘claim a sub’, firstly it’s not as formal as that sounds, and it’s a very natural process. A request to help with denial, chatting getting to know each other, ‘clicking’, exploring some simple submission on top of denial, and slowly getting closer and closer until we realise something amazing has happened. Yes, we’ve become friends! Wow!

I do this because I love to teach and train.I love to take all my experience and pour it into someone else and see them grow and discover all the incredible things they are capable of. Denial is truly the ‘gateway drug’ of kink as through it you become so much more aware of your own sexuality and open to trying things that until then were only fantasies.

BUT I do get lots of requests to deny people, you need to stand out, be interesting. It’s pretty obvious stuff though. If you’re anonymous then… well you’re anonymous! That’s not interesting. I totally understand the desire to stay hidden but if you seriously want me to think about investing my time and energy into you, you’re going to have to take a risk and be real. No that doesn’t mean I want to know your name and social security number, I just want to know about you, what you are into and what’s interesting about you.

I understand how frustrating and difficult it is for you as a young sub to try and find a dom. It’s a massively challenging situation. Firstly most guys your age simply aren’t mature enough to be much more than horny fuckers who think a sub is nothing but an easy lay. And secondly, most doms, of any age, are actually just assholes who like titles, as I posted about yesterday.

I’ve started work on two books that I hope will help with your situation. One is the idea of how you can teach a good guy to become more dominant, which is in my opinion the best way to get this in your situation. The second is to help you in the meantime learn to understand and explore your submission. I’ll say more as the ideas develop.

Any message sent to me is dealt with in the strictest confidence. So if you’re serious, be brave, and introduce yourself! 

Who knows what might happen?


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