1. Pee first – you need an empty bladder for this
  2. Get really turned on however works for you, being relaxed helps too.
  3. Get dildo or similar and insert about 3 inches into your pussy, pressing the tip towards your tummy
  4. Stroke back and forth, finding the spot that makes you have the urge to pee – congrats,that’s your G-spot
  5. Keep rubbing it, softly, hard, whatever feels good, it’ll keep feeling better and the pee feeling will fade
  6. Maybe rub or vibe your clit too
  7. Keep going on your G-spot, that’s where the magic happens, you’ll start to feel pressure and the need to pee grow – but it’s not pee, you emptied your bladder, remember, it’s girl cum!
  8. Keep going until you feel like you are going to burst and orgasm
  9. Stop
  10. Only kidding, but this is a denial blog… yeah, keep going, and have that orgasm
  11. And pee, yep, this is how you squirt, you PEE when you orgasm, it’s not pee, it’s ejaculate you’ve built up in your urethra (pee tube) and the main way to squirt is actually to decide to let go and try to push it out, by peeing, as you cum.

This can take some practice. Use towels. Try a vibe inside you too.

Your man can do it more easily because unlike you his fingers can reach your gspot, he’ll feel it because 1. It’s kind of spongy compared to the rest, 2. YOU HAVE LEARNT WHERE IT IS AND WHAT IT FEELS LIKE ALREADY

Ideally he has a dick that will rub it too.

Warn him it’s not piss, or he might not like you afterwards

Not convinced it isn’t pee? Easy. Taste it (yeah, you’ll have to taste pee too to know the difference, suck it up).

That is how you squirt.

You’re welcome. Now clean up that mess.

PS Most squirting videos are bullshit, where the girls are just peeing, THAT IS PORN NOT REAL LIFE. When you squirt it will be much less than that, sometimes only a little. It still feels great.

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