And what a good girl you are! I don’t know why this makes me so happy but it really does.

Let me just be responsible and add that there is still a small risk of getting pregnant from anal sex, if his cum leaks down to your pussy. So make sure you’re practising safe sex, and if it really is hurting, and keep hurting, I know it’s super embarrassing but please see a doctor. Anal sex is amazing but ultimately our asses are designed for something else and if you do it too much you can injure yourself. 

My recommendation if you’re wanting to abstain till marriage (which is incredible btw) is that blow jobs are the way to go. And added to that, him going down on you. Don’t you fucking dare just suck him off and not make him reciprocate.

Read this together and then get him doing it:

Once he’s got the hang of making you cum from it, make sure you tell him it’s hotter if he doesn’t. Because cumming is good, but not cumming is better.

Don’t let me cum till our wedding night’ is something you should regularly tell him in between sucking his cock and getting fucked in the ass.


PS Anal sex should barely hurt at all if done right, people. So if you’re thinking of doing it make sure you read up on how to do it, but the essence is, use lots of lube, be really horny, and go very slowly.

PPS Good girls also swallow, every single time. Just FYI.

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