You’re so welcome. Thank you for letting us know! I hope it’s a real inspiration to others.

You know it’s absolutely fine not to like anal. What I’d say isn’t okay, is deciding not to like it – when you’ve never really tried it. 

If this is you I just encourage you to be a little daring like @lemonbitekiss here and give it a go. All I’m talking about is while you’re masturbating, probably in the shower or bath, reach around with your other hand and try just playing back there. 

Yes it’ll feel naughty, for many that’s a big part of it, but also your bottom is loaded with lovely nerve endings that can feel amazing. You are missing out if you haven’t at least tried it, a few times (it takes a few to get over the weirdness for many). 

That might be all you do, rub the outside, and that’s brilliant. But again if you find you like that, try a butt plug or a lubed finger tip, again in the shower or bath, or just put a condom on your finger (or a brush handle) and when you are SUPER aroused from edging, try very gently pushing there. I think you may be surprised just how sexy and good it feels.

And if it doesn’t feel good for you, well done for trying! Do something else you do enjoy, you’ve tried it, it was worth a go, good job!

Do write in either way though, we’d love to hear about it.

Thanks again @lemonbitekiss 


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