Luckily for you I got to this message before Little Miss Can’t Cum did. It’s James from, who started this blog with her.

What you need to do is get him to read this blog. If you want you can get him to send me a message too, I’ll tell him how to make you cum, and then I’ll explain all the reasons why that would be a very bad idea. It’ll be even hotter knowing he could but he just doesn’t want to, won’t it.

You’re a very special girl, you’re a Brand New In Box just as this blog talks all about, and I think, if you look deep inside yourself, you’ll admit that you love that. That no matter how stimulated and aroused you are, you just can’t find relief. If you stop fighting it and just accept it it’ll be much easier. I know you struggle, but trust your body, see how aroused these words are getting you. it knows best.

Not that it’s up to you though, is it, it’s up to him. Sure he could make you cum if he really wanted to, but he won’t, not when he realises what a treasure he has found. Oh no, driving you nuts is just the start. You’re fighting it now but once you read this blog more you’ll come to accept what you are, and let it make you the perfect little desperate denial slut sub for your Dom.

Good girl.

If you need more convincing just spend a week or so edging your broken perfect little clit to my other blog female-orgasm-denial, you’ll soon see the light.


For those of you not subscribed to this other blog I set up (although most of the content is by my wonderfully twisted anorgasmic friend), you really should.

Thankfully I still get the messages, and I was happy to intervene with this one. 

Disaster averted huh!

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