First, don’t tell her about this blog, not yet. Make it come from you.

Just try playing with her and introducing her to the idea of edging, by experience.

So one thing that’s really hot is just lying next to her, her hands above her head and you hold them there with one hand, suck on her nipples with your mouth as you play with her clit and pussy with your fingers.

Just put on some music, and do it, for an hour. She’ll be absolutely losing it. And as she gets close, start whispering the ideas to her,

Maybe I won’t let you cum baby, maybe I should just keep you like this. I love it when  you’re this horny

What’s it make you want to do to me when I keep you on the edge like this?

When she starts begging to cum, for the first few times just say no, if she’s into it even give her pussy a gently little smack and then resume rubbing.

Then you start getting her to do what she’d said she wants to, it’s often sucking your cock. So send her down to do that for a while, then pull her back up.

At which point slowly work your way down her body, kissing, licking, teasing, around her pussy for a few minutes before you even touch her clit. Then begin to edge her again with your mouth, she’ll be going crazy at this point. Don’t do it for too long if aren’t sure she can’t handle it. Trust me.

Then again, without making her cum, back up, kissing, making her say how horny she is. And start teasing her with just the tip of your cock. Again hold her hands with yours and just fuck the tip in and out until she begs for more, and then, just give her half and back to shallow fucks.

Don’t be too methodical about it but basically only give her all of it once she is begging for it. And then, straight back to short and medium strokes. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

If you think she needs ‘topping up’ then slide back down and use your mouth again.

But at some point, with your cock buried in her, hands holding hers either side of her head, tell her, ‘Maybe I should just leave you like this…I love it when you’re this horny. Doesn’t everything feel amazing? What do you say, how about we leave you like this till later/overnight? I promise to make you cum so hard later.’

So, this is where you really need to take her feedback seriously. If she genuinely is crazy to cum, then make her. You’ve planted the idea, she’ll be thinking about it, and a few days later you can take her through a similar process and that time see if she’s changed her mind and be more forceful with the decision to deny her.

However, maybe she’ll want to be denied. In which case you go and edge her one last time and leave her as horny as she’s ever been. It MAY be you decide to be denied too, that might sway her decision. But if she wants to be denied strongly, you can cum and it’ll be very hot, if frustrating, for her. Either way, lots of cuddles afterwards.

Then, a little while after introducing it, trying it a few times, even if she hasn’t gone for it yet… ‘find’ this blog or similar ones and say ‘hey, this is a thing!’.

I hope that helps. Good luck brother! 

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