I’m experimenting and exploring. Like most people, I post what I like. I will not post pictures of myself.

I’m a well-educated professional in the Chicago area.

I like the idea of females being treated differently than males, in that males could own them and females would be treated like objects or pets. I know this is not realistic, and of course not how I think the world should be, but it’s something I like to fantasize about.

I’m liberal and religious, believe in equal treatment of people, and support movements toward justice.

However, it really turns me on to think about a man (my boss, boyfriend, or a stranger) telling me what I can and can’t do. Maybe he wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom for hours at work and would make me drink water all day.

I love the idea of there being a dress code for women, for work, for the gym, for the pool, etc. In a perfect world, we would be forced to dress sexy at work, in miniskirts, extremely low-cut tops, and super high heels, which I hate, but as a female, I would have to do things I don’t want to do all time. Undergarments would be limited to push-up peek-a-boo bras, tiny thongs, or nothing at all. There would be no such thing as sexual harassment at work. Women could be hired as office sluts and men would be allowed to touch or grope any female co-worker. Women cannot refuse any advance, and would be punished for refusing, however the boss or co-worker sees fit. Even an underling can punish a female, even if she is his boss. He may take part or all of her clothing, invite others to help gang bang her, or take embarrassing pictures of her for the company website.

At the gym, we should have to wear a tiny bra and shorts (like a bikini) or nothing at all. While at the gym and on the machines (especially the ones that make you spread your legs or lift them in the air), men would be allowed to touch and grope us, even reach inside our clothing. There would be no bathroom for women at the gym (maybe even none in public at all). We are forced to hold it while working out, even as the machines make us put more pressure on our bladders. The men would be well-aware that we have to pee, and would tease our pee holes and press on our bladders. If we leak at all or have an accident, we would get punished with smacks to the pussy and getting gang raped.

With regards to our dress code, we should be forced to wear underwear and swimsuits that are about 2 or 3 sizes too small. The bottoms would probably not cover my whole ass (I have a big ass), and creep inside my pussy and ass cracks, giving me a double wedgie. I would hate it, but it wouldn’t be a choice I get to make.

so hot

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