Two hypnosis questions in a row, that’s weird. It makes me treat this scenario with a bit more caution, because as you’ll have just read, you cannot get hypnotised against your will. But I’m going to answer anyway because issues of consent are serious shit.

You just described being raped. He had sex with you, without consent. This isn’t a ‘maybe’ scenario, it’s rape. Being in a trance is no different from if you’re drunk or unconscious. 

So if you were fucked while in a trance and you didn’t want it, then this isn’t a question of if you dump his worthless ass, but who you’re going to report this scumbag to and where you can go to get help and advice. Google ‘rape advice’ for your country’s best options.

Do ‘good girls listen to their doms’? Sure, when their doms aren’t lying, piece of shit, rapists. Otherwise, no, no they go tell them to fuck themselves.

As for your final question, trust yourself, your heart, your instincts, and if this IS true, get the hell out of Dodge.

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