Don’t be sorry, I rely on questions! 

A ‘denial slut’ is someone who absolutely loves denying their own orgasms, and enjoys it on a regular basis, often going for days or even longer. 

To become a denial slut is easy, just start turning the fantasy into reality… lots of examples of how to do that on the blog.

MY denial sluts are a very select little group of women who have submitted their orgasms, and often themselves, to me, such as Diva and Snowflake who you read about on the blog.

To become one of them? Be interesting. Really, that’s the core of it. The reality is I’m very busy, with life, work and this blog. You’re going to have to stand out and really catch my attention. I hope that doesn’t make me sound too much of a dick, it’s just how it is. What won’t work is just a message, especially an anonymous one, acting as though you’re doing me a favour if  you let me deny you. Be real, be interesting – you’ve seen Snowflake’s first email to me, and her journal. It’s as simple (or as difficult) as that!

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