Look I could guess what the issue is but you know what, the answer is simply ‘yes, go to your doctor’.

Again, lovely followers, if you have pain like this or anything sexual health related you’re worried about. a doctor (or nurse) is there to talk about it with. 

I know it feels embarrassing to you but I worked in healthcare and trust me, they DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK. They aren’t embarrassed, they see your body as a piece of meat to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. Dicks, pussies, toes, elbows, breasts, thighs, it’s all the same. Seriously, they see them all day every day. They have spent years doing it. And mostly, they do it because they actually care and want to help.

So yes, for the love of god please go see your doctor and next time do it much quicker because you’ve spent a couple of years in pain and worrying about this and they’ll probably sort it out before you know it.

Hoping it all gets better soon. Thank goodness for blowjobs in the meantime huh…

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