Okay, I didn’t particularly want to answer this one but thought I better in the interest of public information and for your sake. Sorry to gross people out.

Sex play with shit is a bad idea (it tends to be called ‘scat’ in BDSM circles). For a couple of reasons. 

Firstly health wise it’s full of the stuff your body is trying to get rid of, many of those are toxins and bad bacteria and even parasites. Read this for more information.

If your dom is seriously threatening you with this then I’m afraid I have to question his credibility, as his first and foremost duty is to be looking after you. He clearly isn’t – I don’t care if it’s not a limit for you, it should be for HIM.

Secondly, this kind of thing is an example of ‘edge play’ and no, amazingly, this is nothing to do with edging or orgasm denial. It’s the exploration of the really far out fetishes like knife play, asphyxiation, scat, cutting etc. Clearly those are stepping out of the ‘safe, sane and consensual’ zone that is the mantra of a lot of Kinsters. But for me the more worrying aspect when I come across these, is it’s an indication of a loss of perspective, that all someone is doing is chasing bigger and bigger thrills, and that’s a very dangerous downward spiral with nothing good happening at the end of it.

if you find yourself chasing experiences like that (for real, it’s kind of okay if it’s purely in fantasy, that’s what fantasies are for, but don’t let them become obsessions) then my advice is you need to take a bit of a break, from kink, from orgasm denial, and definitely from porn. Focus on some of the genuinely important things in life like friendship, the people who love you, getting yourself fit and healthy, and thinking about what you want to do with your life.

So in summary, my opinion? 

Go tell your ‘master’ to eat shit. It’s time to move on.

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