Actually that’s not that unusual when doing one for the first time. It’s still not common but it often changes, when you do it again.

You caught your body out that first time, it’s so used to feeling good that it still did.

Oh but that second one, that’s the charm, or the bitch. That’s when your body usually figures out you ain’t doing what you should and ‘you need to cut this shit out!’ it tells you as you drop from wonderful orgasmic bliss into the dark wet hole of a ruined climax.

Then 20 minutes later you find you’re horny as fuck, maybe even hornier than before and you realise just how fucked you are. Especially when that little voice starts whispering, ‘It wasn’t that bad, was it? Let’s ruin it again’

Or it might just be you struggle to ruin orgasms. There are worse afflictions in the world.

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