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I do have quite a bit of experience with sex toys (we did a cull of them recently and they still fill a couple of drawers…) so always happy to help!

Okay, so ‘lipstick vibes’ can be two things. Firstly, they can refer to any kind of bullet vibe that’s about the size of a lipstick, which includes my favourites, so we’ll get back to those in a moment.

But they can also specifically refer to vibes that are designed to look like a lipstick so that you could carry them with you and not be worried about them being discovered. 

Voila! (it’s voila, not wallah, if you said wallah in your head, stop it now and forevermore, this is a cultured blog about sex and stuff, don’t you know).

Lovehoney Oh! Kiss Me Lipstick Vibrator
 – $16.99

It’s a vibe, and it’s a lipstick – no wait, it’s not a lipstick, silly me, it’s just a vibe.

Now that’s kinda cool, until a friend dips in your bag and borrows it to put it on her mouth. Then we have all kinds of new problems. But it’s a good price and gets good reviews. You have to replace the batteries though, and as it’s small it uses a weird size ‘N’, which will soon add up.

So look, if you are really worried about someone finding you have a vibrator, a lipstick one might be a good idea. But if you possibly can I’d recommend you relax a bit about it being found and don’t go with the compromise that they’ve had to design it into a lipstick, and go for a nice, simple bullet vibrator that could happily go in your bag or your bedside table and you won’t worry about either, because it’s likely to be a much better vibrator.

Something subtle like this.

I’m kidding, don’t get that, it’ll give your grandma nightmares.

Something like this, my current recommendation in my toys review page:

Rocks Off Ignition from Lovehoney – $54.95

It’s neat, it’s pretty, it is USB rechargeable so no batteries needed, and most of all it’s amazingly powerful if you want it to be, while being nice and quiet.

If you want to save some money and you’re happy to have one that needs new batteries (we don’t judge) then you can get that down to about $15 for one like this which does take batteries but AAA so much easier and cheaper:

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator
 – $16.99


As I finish up I’ve just noticed if you’re from the UK like me they have a flash sale on this rechargeable bullet vibe, which is really good too and it’s reduced to just £15 (it says Flash Deal so no idea when that’ll end).

Tracey Cox Supersex 7 Function USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

It’s only on Lovehoney.co.uk BUT remember you can order from them to anywhere (it’s often cheaper as it’s their home base) – so that might be worth a go.

Added to that, I saw in my email today there’s an offer till midnight tonight on the UK site for £10 off a £30 spend!

Visit this Offers Code page and enter 10OFF30 in the box – so yes, if you wanted to get a few more things you could get a rechargeable vibe for £5 – nice!

If you want to buy from the US site, the best offer I can find is 10% off if you spend $40

So yeah, the lipstick is cute but I like the little gold Ignition one better, and it’s a much better quality vibrator that recharges via USB and I can’t over emphasise how much you’ll find that useful!

Plus don’t forget, wherever you live, you get a whole year to test anything from Lovehoney and if you don’t like it they’ll refund you without a bother (and their staff are so lovely!). 

I hope that helps!


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