I got really upset with myself over my lack of discipline, so I stopped denial altogether for a while. I recently started ruins, and find I LOVE them. They are so energizing and I find that they keep me generally hornier than edging, which just left me cranky and slightly horny I suppose. I wanted to share this with your followers to tell them if they are having trouble with edging, its not the only solution. There are other ways to succeed in orgasm denial. Thanks James 🙂

You’re so welcome! Gosh, GetDare, I remember the days… I’m somewhat dubious as to the doms you tend to find on there though, I swear some of them were only just hitting puberty from the advice they were giving… just you know, caveat emptor and all that.

But you raise a really good point about ruins, and in general about finding what works for you, because that’s what matters, especially when you’re doing this to yourself.

If ruins are your thang (and it sounds like they really are!) then ruin away! It’s very interesting as the crankiness you describe is often associated with ruining (I have to hide the knives if I do it too much at home…). But absolutely give it a go and see what works. And on top of that, just an encouragement to KEEP trying new things.

Thanks so much Leah, wonderful feedback and advice! As a reward go and see how many orgasms you can ruin in an hour. I want to know. You have to wait two minutes minimum between each one before you can masturbate again.

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