and yes this is where it starts to get interesting lol. She’s shyer than me but the confidence edging has given me has helped me and I’ve been teaching her more things about being confident and sexy and it’s been great for both of us. But I hadn’t dared tell her about denial. Until last weekend, and your Thanksgiving challenge. I decided it was finally time to dare telling her so I dropped in that I have something that should make Thanksgiving more interesting, a denial challenge. I expected her to ask what that was. But she didn’t! Her eyes opened up wide and her mouth dropped open and she said “James denial challenge, from Tumblr?”

OMG SHE’S A DENIAL SLUT TOO! No wonder we get on so well! We spent the entire Saturday afternoon talking about it. Then I suggested we read the blog together and I hit the denial buddy tag. I should say we’re both mostly straight, and neither very experienced, both virgins, tend towards submissive although her more than me.She just said “Good choice” and within a few minutes I dared to ask (we were lying squeezed together in my bed) “Is it okay if I touch?” meaning myself but she said “No one’s ever touched me there before” thinking I meant touch her and I tried to explain but we ended up lying there, arms crossed over rubbing each other as we read. JUST LIKE THE PICTURES IN YOUR POSTS!

We read ALL the denial buddy posts (you are an evil genius) and while rubbing and talking agreed we both wanted to be denial buddies and we’d try lots of those ideas. We agreed for this semester we can only cum with the other ones permission and that we are to make the other person earn it. Also if we give permission the person giving it is not allowed to a. swap it for an orgasm themselves or b. cum for five days (good plan do you think?)

I’m going to call her Ana and me Elsa (we share your love of Disney lol) and thought you’d like that) to make things simple. So then Ana confesses she’s never even made out with anyone and I replied we should do something about that. I’d never kissed a girl (but I like it lol) so that was very exciting for me too and we did and it was so hot. Then started taking my clothes off (we’d just been rubbing through opened up jeans) and we ended up, naked, making out, rubbing each other. Ana actually said “James would be so proud” lol

We both did the Thanksgiving challenge and loved it. But we saved the earned orgasm till we got back together today. We both decided we want to become cunnilingus Superstars so literally as I write this I’m having my clit licked for the first ever time and let me just say OH MY GOD your advice is the best. Ana says hello too, from down there lol My turn on her next I want to make her beg then we want to try to do a 69 and cum together! Wish us luck!

Denial Buddies Ana & Elsa

Wow, just wow. This is fabulous. Well done the two of you, it sounds amazing. (and sorry it was such a pain to have to post in chunks via ask).

Not only is this ridiculously hot, but it’s such an encouragement to me that the denial buddies idea can be a wonderful twist on the whole friends with benefits thing. And I love that you started out by using what you’d learnt about being more confident and sexy to help her. I doubt any of this would have been as easy if you’d just jumped in with the denial thing straight away, even if she was into it too, so well done Elsa.

As the ever growing Denial Buddy match up service spreadsheet shows, there’s a LOT of people wanting this.That the two of you both knew the blog is so wonderful though!

It’s an indication of how denial is hitting the mainstream. Male denial was first with stuff like cock cages on Californication, but female orgasm denial is catching up I think! We get thousands of new people visiting the blog every day from the fact it’s so highly ranked on Google so a good million people have read it so far. In fact, I just checked, and look at the numbers:

We just broke the million visitor mark, how cool is that. And remember, this is ON TOP of all the Tumblr readers, those don’t count in the above.

Anyway, my point is, denial and edging is genuinely growing as a kink that is talked about and accepted, so it’s not a huge surprise that two of you might end up in the same room. Thank you fate anyway!

I think I speak for everyone following this blog we would LOVE to hear how the two of you get on. And of course if anyone else has had successful denial buddy set ups, tell us about them!

Those two rules are ingenious, they really are. The being able to grant the other person’s orgasm but not swap, and not cum yourself for five days if you do, seriously, inspired! This should be a part of any denial buddy arrangement!

Just to add I’ve slightly edited this to join it all up, fix some typos (the girl wrote it while getting eaten out for the first time, I figured she deserved some slack!) and remove comments about how annoying the short maximum ask length is. I know. If you do have something longer you want to send me you can always use the Submit page instead, either log out and put in a fake email, or if you simply send it and ask me to make it anonymous. I will copy the text and remove any mention of you, I promise.As those who contact me know, if I have any doubt about you wanting your blog name featured (even if it’s something sexy you send me and I check your blog and find it’s not NSFW) I’ll message you first to find out what you prefer. So don’t let the annoying short ask length put you off. Oh you can email it to me too at if that’s easier or you feel happier with it.

Anyway, back to A&E (heh, that’s what we call our ERs in the UK). Thank you again for letting us know all about this. We can’t wait to hear how you get on!

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