Hi James, so I’ve been looking for a 0 -10 scale on kinkiness scale, and I can’t seem to find one. Only quizzes and stuff on google. What would you consider a good kinky scale from 0 – 10? (Like maybe 1 being dirty talk, 2 being light spanking, and moving up from there?) Thank you! :)

Maybe you couldn’t find one because it’s an impossibly broad question to answer.

I like a challenge.

  1. Dirty talk (good suggestion)
  2. Light spanking (also yours)
  3. Bondage (it’s got to be on here somewhere)
  4. Furries (they’d be higher but their genitals rarely get out of the suit)
  5. Anal only (is this seriously the only denial one on here)
  6. Boris Johnson
  7. Macrophilia (the Little Alex Horne)
  8. Tentacles (for real)
  9. Incest (would you Adam and Eve it?)
  10. Climacophilia (don’t look it up)

You had to go and look it up didn’t you. And now you’ll never take the escalator again.

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