It’s a great question, and I’m sure I’ve written various bits on it and I will be for JuNO too I’m sure but let’s do a few quick pointers.

  1. Firstly, the easiest and most pleasurable part of anal is just playing at the entrance. The outside and first half inch of your bottom is where most of the nerve endings are. One of the best games is simply masturbating your clit with one hand and your asshole with the other (great shower task).
  2. A big part of the fun of anal is how naughty it feels – so make the most of that, think about being a lesbian anal slut, imagine it was all you were allowed, imagine being put on anal only by some denial bitch – there you go…
  3. If you’re exploring deeper penetration use a safe toy that has a wide base so it can’t slip inside, and use LOTS of lube, I mean LOTS, not spit, not water, proper slippery lubricant. It makes a world of difference.
  4. Try a butt plug – again, while it can feel kind of nice, the MAIN point of it is the mind fuck of ‘oh my god I have a toy in my asshole’

My favourite plugs are listed here They have a little ball inside that rolls around as you move. So hot.

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