Lots of sex toys questions, is Black Friday getting you all out looking?!

As long as you’re talking about the plug in ones, and not battery powered, then the Lovehoney is actually better than the Hitachi Magic wand as the Hitachi only has two power settings (at least the one we had did) while the Lovehoney one is variable and just as powerful as far as I remember.

The battery ones are pretty damn good now too but we still get out the mains powered one for those special times, like when I want to make her scream during post orgasm torture, you know, cute stuff like that.

Also, boys and those with appendages, press one of these babies onto the right butt plug and watch your cock do things you didn’t know it could.

Check out Lovehoney’s Magic Wands here

Fuck me, the UK one is £25 in the sale. I’d snap that up before it changes!

Anyway, back to OP

So, it might be that a big magic wand isn’t what your body likes. That happens. For some they can just be too powerful, even at the lightest setting (if that’s the case try using it through a duvet or clothing).

For others you want a little bullet vibe you can get right up against your clit, with your clit hood out the way, and find the right spot, the broad head of the wand is just too general.

The other thing to try with it though, is use it with a dildo. The one I recommended just now is a cracker. Push that inside you, jam the head of the wand on the base of it so the vibes go right up on you and it kicks the arse of any battery powered vibe. 240volts of pure vibratory goodness (okay 110 for our cousins over the pond).

What you didn’t tell me OP is if you can cum from other stuff, so feel free to message if you want more specific advice.


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