Okay, firstly, go girl! I always love hearing when you’re trying it for the first time!

Firstly, make use of the shower anyway, do what you can. Even if you don’t edge having a nice hard rub is going to keep you horny.

Secondly find somewhere private, even if it’s the bathroom again, later. And you can sit on the loo with the lid down too and try for another edge. Or put a towel down and kneel on the floor if you like that.

However, the three simplest techniques to keep you horny all weekend are:

  1. Pull your panties up into your pussy and walk around with a wedgie keeping you super aware of your aching clit.
  2. Lose the panties completely and go commando for another type of thrill and reminder (you can even stuff them in you for a truly crazy experience)
  3. Explore thigh squeezing with your legs crossed to see if you can even secretly stimulate yourself when WITH your friends.

Lastly, if you’re brave enough, secretly, silently masturbating in a bed when you’re sharing a room can be insanely hot. Just sayin’ – our little secret!

I hope those help! Let us know how you get on.

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