Yeah, it’s a bit overambitious. The trouble is you’re setting yourself up for failure whereas you want your first forays into the wonderful world of edging to be a success.

A week is even a stretch. I’d normally suggest you build up by doing it overnight, as waking up super horny and edging again is great fun. And maybe extend that to a third day, but then celebrate it, and cum, hard!

THEN go again and push beyond those three days, that’s where some really interesting things start to kick in like the ‘denial high’ and well, a growing addiction to the joys of edging. If you can do that for a week, I’m so proud of you. Cum, again, it’ll most likely feel insanely good.

Then you might want to try for a month. But people, this isn’t a competition. Well okay sometimes it is and that’s hot as fuck but MOST of the time this is about you finding what works for you. And that might be just edging during the day and cumming in the evening, it might be Sunday is CumDay, or it might be a whole year of nothing but wet desperation.

And for many, it’s all those and more. Variety is the spice of edging.

Let us know how you get on.

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