Don’t try for a week, let alone two. Set yourself the achievable target of a whole day first. And BOTH of you do it, start off the morning playing and edging each other. See how excited it gets HIM when he can’t cum too, and that’ll help you understand why he likes doing it to you. if it’s a shared experience there’s less pressure and you can both focus on talking about how it’s making you feel.

Do another edging session in the middle of the day, and add something kinky like writing sexy stuff on you or going without underwear, or maybe best, totally going lingerie full porn style hidden under your clothes till the evening.

And then, that evening. Get tied up. Neither of you can cum for the first hour of playing, get him reading that cunnilingus superstar post of mine and driving you INSANE with it. Then finally have him fuck you, and watch him cum so hard while you’re denied.

And then, he’s to edge you once more, and as you’re right at the edge, he whispers, ‘Which do you choose, you tell me, ‘Let me cum’ or ‘Deny me’’ and see what you say.

No messing around, he does whichever you pick. Either way you’ll have had a great day. And next time,as you both understand it more, the focus can shift to denying you, and trying for a couple of days. 

Softly softly catchee monkey.

And it may be that while a week or two is a nice fantasy, it just doesn’t work for you, and THAT’S OKAY! Figure out what does, try that task above together as a great exploration, and then keep trying new things for you both to work out what is hottest. Because hot is what we want!


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