Thanks Matt,

I’m absolutely delighted about it. I do have a plan though, to redirect those questions to a more ‘Suitable for Work’ blog, my primary one – which I haven’t really done much with yet. So I thought I’d use that to handle the non-denial stuff which I love answering too and probably explore the really important topic of how do you find a good dom/me, as it’s a question I get asked, ALL the time. 

Also, I think it’s really helpful just to add some reality to kink, because it’s all too easy to get caught up in the fantasy and things can get really weird. And sadly there a lot of fake or even real dom/mes out there who are peddling some dangerous messages to potentially very vulnerable girls and guys and I’d hope that I can be a bit of a safe haven for positive, but sensible advice.

I’m a husband and a dad and a pretty normal guy who’s just enjoys writing stuff that turns people on and giving advice as I’m asked to. It’s important that kink doesn’t overtake your life but finds the right balance within it, and ideally, as I think denial does, improve it by not only encouraging exploring your sexual nature and also developing good habits and self-discipline.

So yes, I feel very happy about it, and just hope Tumblr doesn’t change it’s policies and mess stuff up. But that’s why I’ve now got the domain to always point people back to my content, and have set the gentlemandom tumblr up with a domain I own, so again, if people are following there it’s not something Tumblr can just turn off.

Thanks for the encouragement,


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