hi james, lucy again. thanks for your advice. i really appreciate it! i didn’t touch at all yesterday because of my mood, but i did end up spinning the punishment wheel today. i got pegs on my nipples + clit for 20 min. i must be a bit of a pain slut… i got wet almost immediately. i ended up teasing my clit w/ a light finger while the pegs were still on. gonna try and find little ways to keep my arousal up w/o overdoing it like last time. the pegs were a great start. ❤️ -lucy

Hi Lucy, I’m glad it was helpful.

My experience is we’re all something of a pain slut when we’re horny, the closer we get, the more pain begins to feel good too. The mark of a true masochist is that pain starts you getting aroused, rather than just adding to it once you already are. But yeah, most of us get more masochistic as we get turned on. I put it down to our brains just getting overloaded with input and adding all the extra signals to the pleasure we’ve been getting already.

Good work, keep it up!

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