Hi James, K again. Yeah so my idea seriously backfired.. My 38F tits feel far too big now. On spinning the Wheel of Denial I landed on ‘Pegs on Nipples’ not having pegs to hand I used my clamps (hope that was ok). Oh god, it was like a bolt of lightening straight to my already dripping pussy. I swear I almost came from that alone, never mind the rush after I had taken them off.

Still managing my edges but getting quicker to cumming with each edge. I’m almost teetering on the edge all of the time. It’s amazing awfully hard to stop myself from cumming.


Oh dear, 38F… that’s 136 days denial with a minimum of 6 edges a day if I remember correctly. You realise you could have been cumming today if you hadn’t tried to impress me with your tits like some horny slut. Do make sure to add regular torture to them when edging, some tight hairbands or elastic bands around them while you edge is a good start.

We’ll give you some respite too…

Anal only on Sundays.

Good girl. Only just more than a month to go. Thank you for the update, keep them coming.


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