You raise a good point, thank you! But as with many things, I think there’s a trade off. While one of those toys was PVC it is phthalates free which is the major worry in terms of being body safe as far as I’m aware. Yes PVC is porous but a good cleaning regime deals with most of those issues. However, I should have added if you were going to use this for anal you should use a condom on it – so good call (and if you want to be super safe, use a condom on it every time). The vagina is amazing resilient to infection under normal use (it’s designed to take penises in it after all – men are hardly renowned for their cleaning regimes.)

Obviously if you can afford it you want a better quality dildo such as those I recommend on my toys page, which are high quality silicon and so tick all the good toy boxes. But those are three to four times the price.

For those whom budget is the primary decider I still think one of these would be better than unsanitary household objects, and simply getting confidence in buying sex toys will start people on a journey where once they realise how great they are, the next time they realise the quality is worth investing in.

Also remember, if you buy from lovehoney, you get a year to send it back for any reason, so if you decide you want a better quality toy, you can basically cash that in and use it against the purchase of a better product – genius.

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