Hi Sleepy,

Normally the pattern is that sleeping can be hardest the first few days of edging, especially if you’re new to it, but then most find themselves settling into it and getting the whole denial high thing too.

But six weeks is awesome, and at that point, all kinds of things are going on physically and emotionally too. That deep-seated desperation can manifest as an overwhelming need to touch, that pressure you feel. 

The solution’s easy though. Cum. Seriously. This isn’t a competition. Sleep is important. Let’s find out if that’s the issue. If you are proud of your achievements then you could try a ruin and see if that helps first. But personally, I’d suggest you cum your fucking brains out for a day or two and see what impact that has.

You’ll have read my saying, ‘cumming is good, but not cumming is better’. And I mean it. 

Orgasms are wonderful. But short. 

Edging, denial, is wonderful, and makes you feel good, for much longer. 

But don’t see cumming as bad. It’s just if you can handle it, which you clearly can little miss six-weeker, then staying edged and denied is even hotter.

Then again maybe the weather is cooler again and you’re sleeping properly in which case none of the above applies to you and don’t you fucking dare cum. Good girl.

It’s good to know that for women especially, once you’re really into edging you’ll find you can get wonderfully horny and right back into that denial high pretty damn quick even if you have cum a few times. 

In fact some women will give themselves something like a weekly orgasm, and then edge straight after, and either leave themselves back on the edge or ruin it to really have a mind fuck and get back into the denied feeling fast.

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