Random dirty thoughts have been popping up in my mind (for longer than today tbh) and i felt really good today (horny and desperate but good); since i’m travelling for two more weeks (before i’m on a long flight home) i figured i might use that time to really try denial once and for all! I blame this very addictive blog and so i was wondering if you could help me come up with some rules/guides to follow?? I’m quite new to this, willing to try anything and need some help! Thanks anyway! Xx 

This is so great. I love camping, there’s always something primal about it that gets me horny.

So here’s your challenge, edging in the shower is a fine start, but being in a sleeping bag with others nearby is actually perfect for helping you have the self control to try for more.

So, ideally morning and night, but at least at night time, I want you secretly and silently rubbing yourself in your sleeping bag. As you’ll see with all the stuff about soft edges on this blog, it doesn’t matter that much if you don’t get really close, so you don’t have to do it hard and fast, but if you can get close that’s great. The fact they might notice you cumming is a great way to help you, not cum.

Do try mornings too if you can, waking up before anyone’s getting up, and having a quick rub to start your day. It’ll quickly lead you to that ‘denial high’ we talk about too.

So if you find you enjoy that (and please only do all this if you find you do) then an extra bit of fun with your evening sleeping bag edge, is to do it naked! So the way you do that is don’t wear a bra to bed (which is bad for you anyway, I hope you all know that) and once in, you have to secretly slip your shorts and underwear down, and up, so no one has any idea your actually naked in there. Keep your panties around your feet for ease of redressing, but just being secretly naked in there, I suspect it’ll be a huge thrill! Then take your time edging and playing, don’t forget your breasts. 

And when you’re done, well subtly redress, or don’t… Stay naked overnight. Barring a fire you can just secretly put them back on in the morning. And if it was ever discovered then ‘I just got so hot in the night’ explains it all.

So your aim is to have three edges a day, two in bed and one in the shower or a bathroom cubicle. And the big objective is not to cum until you get home!

We’d love regular updates on your edging expedition, so if fancy it send those in too!



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