Thank you so much!. We haven’t talked about it much but recently but I’ve coined a phrase for your situation, a denial slut (kinda) who can’t actually cum.

You’re a brand new in box – in fact along with the first BNIB I met I started a blog just for you special snowflakes. It’s pretty damn hot IMO.

Do you know the ironic thing is, I know a bunch of girls who crave to be in your position, they fantasise about not being able to cum. Sometimes I mindfuck them enough they get their wish. That’s always a cause for celebration.

The truth is, unless it’s due to a medical condition, which is rare but real, I could probably teach you how to cum relatively quickly. The last BNIB who asked me to do that, I granted her wish. I taught her to cum.

Just the once.

After that, I told her I didn’t want her cumming anymore. Now she knew what the fuss was about I preferred her aching and denied, knowing just how good it felt and making her denial all the worse.

She did as I asked, and loved it. Hated it too of course, but there’s the wonderful duality of this fucking kink.

As far as I know, she’s still not cum again to this day. 

Tears make the best lube.

Be brave, rub your pussy and get nice and desperate and then message me. Maybe I’ll do the same to you.

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